Caveland Farm is an ideal horse retirement facility in Virginia for your trusted equine partner. Two hundred acres in the lush Shenandoah Valley, it is just over the mountain from the equine destinations of Upperville and Middleburg, Virginia. Horses receive expert care by owners and staff who have been in the horse business for over thirty years.  This Virginia horse retirement farm offers three board fencing, automatic water, run in sheds or barn shelter in all enclosures. Basic board includes small group placement with an appropriately sized run-in shed or barn space and bi-annual hoof trimmings. Management of the number of horses turned out in a pasture allows more than adequate grass for most of the year, however abundant hay is provided to all horses when grass is dormant. Most horses can maintain weight with grass and hay, but if additional supplements or feed are needed to maintain weight a customized program can be accommodated. Photographs of your friend are provided every four months as part of the basic board agreement.

Owners handle additional services directly with our trusted partners. Harrison Equine Clinic in Berryville, Virginia handles and bills for bi-annual shots at the owner’s discretion and emergency veterinary services. Grahame Alcott, a local horseman and horse dentist, can be contracted to float teeth when needed.   

We welcome owners to visit their horses at any time. Advanced notice is appreciated.