"Caveland Farm is horse heaven on earth! I can't say enough good things about their environment, care, and well-being.

I agonized over what to do with my aging Warmblood.  He needed to retire, but the prohibitive costs of having a non-working horse in a mainstream barn just wasn't a good fit.   I found Caveland farms after interviewing several "retirement" farms, but none felt right.  When I spoke to Mr. Dunning regarding what he offered for a retired horse, I knew I found the right place and trailered my boy in the next week.

He has the best of care, the best environment with ample fields and meadows to eat and rest.  Love the place, and thanks to Shelly for taking such great care and sending pics regularly. They get 5 stars from me." - Terri M.


"Caveland Farm is horse heaven here on earth. I couldn'€™t have found a more perfect environment for my two senior horses who, after long careers as trustworthy lesson ,deserved only the best in retirement care. Caveland Farm provides them exactly that with its gorgeous grass fields where they are able to naturally roam and graze with suitable buddies to keep them company. Shelly is routinely at the farm to oversee their care and I appreciate that she is readily available to answer my calls whenever I call to check in on my horses. I recently visited the farm to spend time with my guys and they looked amazingly healthy and content. I couldn'€™t be happier for them that they are retired in such a beautiful and caring environment. Thank you Pete Dunning and staff for the opportunity to be a part of the Caveland Farm family." - Ruth F.

"Caveland Farm is perfect for my two injured /retired sport horses-beautiful pastures, run in sheds, fresh water and ample hay in winter. Although I miss them, I don't worry. I know Shelley is taking superb daily care. I couldn't be happier for my "fat" and content four-legged friends." - Jan K.


"I love Caveland Farm so much I've recommended it to 3 friends who now have horses there!  It's not often you can recommend a farm so wholeheartedly and with total confidence that the horses will get top care. Not to mention the stunning Shangri-La of a setting, with 100's of rolling acres in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. My retired show jumper is in heaven.   The last time I saw him he looked so good I was temped to throw a saddle on him! Can't thank Mr. Dunning enough for allowing his property to be used in a most giving way. Shelly the farm manager is the best and comes with years of hands on horsemanship experience." - Linda G. 

"I boarded two of my horses at Caveland Farm while my barn was being built. My horses were well taken care of, seemed happy, and quite honestly did not want to leave. There was always an abundance of hay in the winter, and if anything, one of my horses actually gained weight during the winter!" - Heather B.

"My horse, Joe, has been at Caveland Farm for the past 5 years. He is low man on the totem pole, but has great turnout companions. Shelly sends me pictures of him once a month, since I live up north and do not get to visit often. I know he is in excellent hands. - Elizabeth M.